1 min readAug 8, 2022


The world population is ~7.96 billion (2022).
The population of active #OpenSea wallets in the #Ethereum #blockchain network in July 2022 was 415k.

What does this number signify?

First, no matter what #NFT projects and collections do to attract Web3 people this is the max cap of people in the market.

Monthly active traders in the Ethereum network

Why? Although most #NFT traders grow to hate BrokenSea, it’s still the largest marketplace. Most #web3 people in the Ethereum network I think make at least one transaction once in a while in OpenSea.
This number, 415k, doesn’t take into account people having multiple wallets. If we count unique users (which will be hard to do so), the number will only decrease.

We need to grow the pie.

Second, in the bright side if you’ve been around and are still around, congrats… this sounds cliche but indeed you are early. You are part of 0.0052% of the world population who already jumped into the rabbit hole.

The pie has much room to grow.